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Green Power Systems / Green Nrg was founded by a group of Jacksonville businessmen and former electric utility executives that shared a concern for the environment and future adequacy of electric power and its affordability.

Our solution for eliminating wastes is Ultra High Temperature (UHT) plasma that can thermally convert the chemistry of organic material into a synthetic gas for use in the making of liquid fuels or the generation of electricity.

The management team of Green Power Systems / Green Nrg consists of:

Ingo Krieg, President 
Mr. Krieg has 36 years of business management experience. He holds three patents and has been twice honored by the Department of Environmental Protection, Jacksonville, for Industry 2000 and Person of the Year 2002. He was recognized as Innovator of the Year 2004 by the Florida Times Union for his efforts to improve the environment.

At the age of three, Ingo Kriegís family escaped from the former East Germany and found housing in a refugee camp in West Germany. Because of his fatherís cattle and horse breeding accomplishments, the family was offered by Church World Services free passage to America aboard the SS United States. Their new home was on the George Eastman (Kodak inventor) farm near Rochester, New York.

Showing an early interest in design and engineering, Mr. Krieg attended Penn State University and University of Florida, and continued a Jeffersonian belief of vision and engineering for the improvement of agriculture.

In 2000 Mr. Krieg was contacted by his local utility (Jacksonville Electric Authority) to do a 4 MW renewable energy project. He then designed a continuous flow biomass digester for the production of methane gas. The design earned a trip to an International Electrical Power Research Institute (EPRI) Renewable Energy Conference in 2004. Mr. Krieg later partnered with two electric power executives to pursue the energy industry using plasma technology and waste.

In 2006 Mr. Krieg developed a more efficient method of biofuels production allowing larger quantities of syngas to be processed biologically. The process designed for non food sources won him Innovator of the Year 2008 from the International Biofuels Commission in Washington D.C.

Mr. Kriegís latest work as co-author of a patent involves processing CO2 emissions to reduce the threat of global warming and the need for carbon sequestration.

Earlier in his career, Mr. Krieg invested in the Jacksonville Tea Men Soccer Club. He obtained full ownership and became president of the club in 1983. Later that year, his team won the American Soccer League's National Championship and represented the United States in International play.

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Richard Breitmoser, P.E., Vice President, Environmental and Regulatory Affairs.
A registered professional Chemical Engineer in Florida, Breitmoser was the Vice President of Environmental, Health and Safety for the Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA). JEA is the largest municipal electric utility in the state of Florida. Breitmoser retired in 1997. Responsibilities included the procurement and management of all permits, licenses and agreements pertaining to the construction and operation of JEA's electrical generating facilities and transmission and distribution systems. Breitmoser is a member of the Air &
Waste Management Association and has held several offices in that organization including Chair of the Florida Section. Breitmoser is also an environmental and marketing consultant for the water, wastewater, chemical and power industries.

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Dick Basford, Vice President, Project Development.
Basford was an Associate Managing Director of the Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA). Duties at JEA included management and supervision of the System Engineering and Operations Group. The E&O Group had responsibility for System Planning; System Operations; Distribution, Transmission and Substation Engineering; Construction and Maintenance; Inventory and Storeroom Activities and Fleet Management. Retiring from JEA in 1993, Basford founded Dick Basford & Assoc., Inc., an electric and gas utility consulting firm. Association positions include: Chairman, Engineering Committee, Southeastern Electric Reliability Council; Chairman, Technical Advisory Committee, Florida Electric Coordinating Group; Chairman, Florida Annual Planning Conference Committee, Florida Electric Coordinating Group.

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Mission Statement

Reduce the use of fossil fuels in production of electricity.

Reduce the quantity of materials disposed of in landfills.

Improve water and air quality in the production of electricity.

Produce electricity at both an affordable and stable cost.




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